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Writing Focus – Word order in questions (Beginner A1)

a Look at part of message from Michael to Andrea and read about word order in questions.

First, where do I find a taxi at the station? And how much is it from the station to the hotel?

Yes/No questions

Dotheyhave a garden?
DidCamilavisit you?
Canyoucall me, please?

Wh- questions

How many roomsdoesyour househave?
WheredoIfind a taxi?
Whendidthe trainleave?

Questions with be are different

Yes/ No questions with be

IsLaura's flat big?
Wereyou at home yesterday?

Wh- questions with be

Wherewasyour phone?
How muchisit from the station to the hotel?

Have some practice on Yes/No Questions and Wh- Question Word Order

August 3, 2019

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