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Cambridge Key A2 (KET) Course 01

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 About the level

This is the first of 4 courses that will get you ready to obtain the international Cambridge Key A2 certificate (KET). This course is for people age 13 or older with a solid basic knowledge of English. Each course lasts 2-4 weeks.

In this course, you will:

  • have extensive and guided practice in the 4 papers of the Cambridge Key exam (reading and/or use of English, listening, writing and speaking) and all their parts.
  • learn grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, common uses and expressions frequently used in the Cambridge Key exam.
  • learn and use speaking, reading, listening and writing techniques that will help you take the Cambridge Key exam in the less time possible and  finish it in time.
  • have up to 8 live Skype sessions, with one of our Cambridge certified teachers and with a maximum of 3 other students, to practice the Speaking parts of the Cambridge exams and receive feedback on your progress.

By the end of the six courses, you will:

  • be ready to successfully take the Cambridge Key A2 exam (KET) and obtain the international certificate.
  • be able to take the exam with us in Huaraz, Lima or Arequipa (for students located in Peru only), or at any other authorised centre in the world. Find the exam dates in Peru here.


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