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Present simple and present continuous (Pre-Intermediate B1)

Present simple

We use the present simple to describe:
• routines and habits
I send a lot of emails.
• situations which are generally true or stay the same for a long time:
He doesn’t work very hard.
We use adverbs of frequency with the present simple:
I always / sometimes / rarely / never write letters.
I write letters once I ten times a week I year.
The verb be doesn’t have the same form as other verbs:
I am a student. They are not here.
Is she always friendly? Yes, she is.

TIP: Some verbs, which describe feelings and states, are not usually used in continuous tenses:
be – like – love – hate – prefer – know – understand – remember – forget – want – own – need
I need a new computer. NOT I‘m needing a new cemputer.
He doesn’t understand you. NOT He isn’t understanding you.

 I / You / We / TheyHe / She / It
+We live next door.He lives here.
-I don't work here.She doesn't work here.
Yes/No questionDo your friends write emails?
Yes, they do. / No, they don't.
Does your sister write a blog?
Yes, she does. / No, she doesn't.

Present continuous

We use the present continuous to describe:
• actions right now, at the moment of speaking:
He’s not cooking dinner, he’s watching TV.
• temporary actions around the present time: ‘ I
They’re travelling around Asia this year.
We often use these time expressions with the present continuous:
I’m working at a supermarket right now / these days
/ at the moment / today / this summer etc.

Most verbs
sleep - watch - say
+ -ing
sleeping - watching - saying
Stressed vowel + one consonant (not w, x, y)
stop - run - get
2x consonant + -ing
stopping - running - getting
Consonant + -e
live - make - have
- -e and+ -ing
living - making - having
 IHe / She / ItYou / We / They
+I'm watching TVShe's helping.We're working hard.
-I'm not feeling well.It's not raining.They're not sleeping.
Yes / No questionsAm I looking aright?
Yes, I am. / No, I'm not.
Is he working late?
Yes, he is. / No he isn't.
Are they enjoying the party?
Yes, they are. / No, they aren't.

Tip: is not and are not can be contracted two
different ways:
is not= isn’t = ‘s not
are not= aren’t= ‘re not

Now let’s have some practice on present simple and present continuous

Great, now you can continue your learning with our Intermediate 01 course

April 27, 2019

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