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Cambridge TKT Course 1

Module 1: Language and Background to language learning and teaching

Part 1: Describing language and language skills

1About the preparation

This is the first of six courses that will get you ready to obtain the 3 international Cambridge TKT certificates: Modules 1, 2 and 3. It is for English teachers (or want-to-be teachers) of children, adolescents and adults with or without experience. Accepted by the Ministry of Education, universities, schools, and businesses around the world.

In this course, you will:

  • have extensive and guided practice in the different topics the 3 Cambridge exams: Modules 1, 2 and 3 are based on.
  • learn idiomatic expressions, common uses and expressions frequently used in the teaching of English as a second language.

By the end of the six courses, you will:

  • be ready to successfully take the 3 Cambridge TKT exams: Modules 1, 2 and 3 and obtain their respective international certificates, accepted by school, universities, ministries, and organisations around the world.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Cambridge TKT Tests and Courses
What is the Teaching Knowledge Test (the TKT)? 00:00:00
What is The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3? 00:00:00
Who is The Online TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3 written for? 00:00:00
Part 1 Describing Language and Language Skills
Unit 01 Grammar
What is grammar? 00:00:00
Parts of speech 00:00:00
Grammatical structure 00:00:00
Word building (affixes, prefixes, suffixes) 00:00:00
Grammatical Uses 00:00:00
Grammar and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
TKT Grammar Practice Task Unlimited
Unit 02 Lexis
What is Lexis? 00:00:00
Connotative, denotative and context meaning 00:00:00
Meaning from form 00:00:00
Collocations, fixed expressions, idioms and chunks 00:00:00
Word relationships: Synonyms, antonyms, lexical sets and word families 00:00:00
False friends, homophones, homonyms and varieties of English 00:00:00
Lexis and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
TKT Lexis Practice Test 00:06:00
Unit 3 Phonology
What is phonology? 00:00:00
Phonemes and the International Phonemic Chart (IPA) 00:00:00
Word stress 00:00:00
Sentence stress 00:00:00
Connected speech: sentence stress, contractions, rhythm, linking, intonation, emphasis 00:00:00
Phonology key concepts and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
Reflections on phonology 00:00:00
TKT phonology practice task 00:00:00
Unit 04 Function
What is a function? 00:00:00
Functions and exponents 00:00:00
Levels of formality 00:00:00
Appropriacy and register 00:00:00
Function key concepts and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
Reflection on functions 00:00:00
TKT Functions Practice Task 00:00:00
Unit 5 Reading
What is reading? 00:00:00
Discourse, coherence and cohesion 00:00:00
Reading skills 00:00:00
Reading skills: scanning and skimming 00:00:00
Reading skill: Reading for details 00:00:00
Reading skill: Inferring 00:00:00
Reading skill: Deducing meaning 00:00:00
Reading skill: Predicting 00:00:00
Text structures 00:00:00
Ways of reading: Extensive and intensive 00:00:00
Text types 00:00:00
Reading and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
TKT Reading Practice Task 00:10:00
Unit 6 Writing
What is writing? 00:00:00
Writing text types 00:00:00
Writing subskills 00:00:00
Writing key concepts and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
Teachers’ reflections 00:00:00
TKT Writing practice task Unlimited
Unit 7 Listening
What is listening? 00:00:00
Understanding spoken language 00:00:00
Listening-Spoken text types 00:00:00
Listening sub-skills 00:00:00
Listening key concepts and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
Listening follow-up activities 00:00:00
TKT Listening Practice Task Unlimited
Unit 8 Speaking
What is speaking? 00:00:00
Speaking subskills 00:00:00
Speaking key concepts and the language teaching classroom 00:00:00
Speaking follow-up activities 00:00:00
TKT Speaking Practice Task 00:00:00

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  1. Great course!


    Well explained and with lots of practice.


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