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Pre-Intermediate B1

Present perfect with just, already and yet

We can use the present perfect to talk about the recent past. Use present perfect with just in positive statements …Read More

Profile PhotoRaúl MaguiñaAugust 30, 2019

Past continuous (Pre-Intermediate B1)

We use the past continuous to describe something in progress at a particular time in the past. In 2012, I …Read More

Profile PhotoRaúl MaguiñaMay 19, 2019

Question forms (Pre-intermediate B1)

Questions with be In questions with be, the verb be goes before the subject. We don’t add an auxiliary verb. …Read More

Profile PhotoRaúl MaguiñaApril 17, 2019

Reported speech: indirect speech

Indirect speech focuses more on the content of what someone said rather than their exact words. In indirect speech, the …Read More

Profile PhotoRaúl MaguiñaAugust 29, 2018

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